About Innovacor




Engage strategically with our researchers and partners towards proactive knowledge management to generate high added value and recognition for the MHI.


To transition MHI services and technologies in a timely manner to users of the public and private sectors to maximize economic returns to the MHI.

Board of directors

Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif

Mélanie La Couture

Me Olga Farman

Management team

Dr. Andreas Orfanos

Claudine Nowocien
Contract Administrator

Myriam Koayes
Administrative Support

Intellectual Property Committee

Dr Jean-Claude Tardif
Director of the Research Centre at the Montréal Heart Institute and Professor of Medicine at the University of Montréal

Dr Stanley Nattel
Cardiologist and Director of Electrophysiology Research Program

Dr Éric Thorin
Associate director, fundamental research

M. David Rhainds
Associate Director, MHI

Key facts

  • Plus de 4000 communications scientifiques depuis 2004, dont 2400 publications revues par comités de pairs. 
  • Depuis 1999, 72 projets ont donné lieu à 167 demandes de brevets impliquant 42 chercheurs
  • 5 entreprises essaimées et $35 millions en capital de risque levé
  • 3 ententes de redevances et de licences
  • Plus de 200,000 Cathéter Bourassa utilisés depuis 1970 en Amérique du Nord et en Europe
  • La technologie cryoablation traitant l’arythmie développée en collaboration avec Medtronic-Cryocath (2010)
  • Le Pulmobind, une technologie d’imagerie pulmonaire de phase II qui sera commercialisée par notre entreprise en démarrage, Pulmoscience
  • Le Spartan RX CYP2C19, un test génétique sur site identifiant en 1 heure les porteurs du gène CYP2C19. Approuvé en août 2013 par la FDA.
  • Contribution stratégique scientifique au développement du diltiazem


Mentors requested !

Charting the path to innovation requires mastering scientific, administrative, commercial, financial and legal complexities. With a view of supporting our researchers, we seek to add development and commercialization experts within our research ecosystem.

If you would like to graciously offer your depth of expertise and maturity in guiding the innovative thinking of promising researchers, contact us and we will explore matching opportunities.

A few hours offered occasionally may increase the likelihood of success of scientific projects with potential!


Based on a strong international reputation, the MHI benefits from a vast network of partners from a wide range of specialties:

  • Venture capitalists
  • Industry
  • Université de Montréal
  • Health sciences technology development experts 
  • Regulatory affairs experts
  • Other technology transfer offices 
  • Other researchers, research organizations

CMOD, whose mission is to accelerate the identification, validation and appropriate application of biomarkers in cardiovascular, oncology, neurology and other related diseases. The broad goal of this organization is to create efficiencies leading to improved patient healthcare

We welcome the opportunity to codevelop your technologies. If you would like to become an MHI partner, please contact us !