Fields and Themes



The Research Centre's main research fields (vascular function, myocardial function and electrophysiological function) form an articulated, consistent and operational whole in the cardiovascular field at the MHI. These three fields, combined with cross-disciplinary scientific approaches, make up the core of all research at the Centre, which is illustrated in the diagram below:

The strategic orientations of the MHI Research Centre are based on the integration and balance between clinical and basic research, an integration that dates back to the MHI's beginnings and that has led to incredible results for patient health and the quality of patient care.  As a complement, the implementation and development of cross-disciplinary scientific approaches have broadened the scope of the Centre's research activities, which now range from individual genes to large-scale clinical trials in all main fields, with the goal of creating cutting-edge medicine within a health care system that is focused on both care and prevention. 

Cross-disciplinary scientific approaches

Six cross-disciplinary scientific approaches (based on genetics and genomics, metabolomics, inflammation, biomarkers, medical and molecular imaging, and pharmacogenomics) appear on the diagram above. These approaches are the pillars of an integrative approach that aims to develop tools in personalized medicine.