L'ICM Express

L'ICM Express is the Montreal Heart Institute's monthly newsletter
(In French only) 

Editor: Geneviève Gouin
Graphics: Sylvie Bolduc 

Patients' guides

Chirurgy, postop recovery guide

Welcome guide (in French only)

Code of ethics towards patients

Health Heart Autonomy Guide
Guide for patients and their family following an Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)
Heart Surgery Patient's Handbook
You have recently found out that you need to undergo heart surgery. You might be worried and have a lot of questions you would like answered. This handbook can be a good source of information for you and your family; it describes what you will need to undergo from day one through to your convalescence.

Information handbook on coronary angiography and coronary dilatation (In French only)
You will discover the steps of coronary angiography and learn how to prepare yourself before undergoing the procedure.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports highlight the achievements and breakthroughs of the teams at the Montreal Heart Institute, which has maintained a top position alongside the world's largest cardiology centres.

These annual reports include detailed but concise statements for the fiscal year that include results for the operating fund and capital asset fund. The annual reports also provide a statement of financial position, which lists assets, liabilities and non-financial assets.

The reports record the members of the Board of Directors, the chairs of various committees as well as the members of the administration and the heads of medical services and departments.

The sheer volume of activity at the Montreal Heart Institute shows how dynamic this cardiology centre truly is. Again, the numbers speak for themselves!