Research Day

Research Day (La Journée de la recherche) is a science outreach competition organized for students, postdoctoral fellows, residents and research supervisors, who are all invited to present their research work to MHI staff. The goal is to facilitate discussion among people in different sectors to enhance the overall quality of research. The day is generally divided in two parts. The morning program is dedicated to oral presentations and includes opening remarks, basic research presentations, special lectures with special guests and finally clinical research presentations. The afternoon is set aside for the poster competition, which has four categories:

  1. Master's level: basic research
  2. Doctoral and post-doctoral level: basic research
  3. All categories: clinical research
  4. Open competition

Students also get the chance to talk to representatives from different companies in the space reserved for sponsors. The day is capped off with awards for the best presentations and a cocktail reception for everyone who attended Research Day.