The MHI is subject to An Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information. The MHI takes all confidentiality issues very seriously and implements the necessary measures to respect its duties and obligations. 

Protection of personal information on the MHI website

By personal information, we mean any information regarding you that you provide to us on a voluntary basis and that allows us to identify you. The personal information collected on this site is confidential; only the staff members authorized to answer requests have access to this information. At no time will this information be made public, sold, or communicated to third parties without your consent, except when required to provide you with the service for which you have registered.

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Why do you collect personal information on the MHI website?

The personal information that we collect about you on the site is only used to answer on-line requests for services or products that you send to us along with requests for participation in research projects or groups that you have chosen to answer.

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Registration form to subscribe to the MHI newsletter

In addition to accessing the information contained on the site, you may also receive personalized e-mails with information on [our health bulletins, news, advice from our experts, or messages from the foundation, as the case may be]. The personal information that you provide on the e-mail address registration form is used to provide you with the most relevant and personalized information possible. This information is not used for other purposes.

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Use of cookies

The MHI website uses cookies. These files identify your browser software when you move from site to site or page to page during a web session. Cookies can only be read by the website that sends them to your computer. When you access a transactional module on the site (on-line purchase or other module), a cookie file is automatically created on your computer. Our server can access this file, which stores information used to identify you and facilitate browsing. If you deactivate your cookies, some functionalities can no longer be used.

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Links to outside websites

For your convenience, the site contains links to outside sites or parts of sites. The MHI has no control over the content or operation of these sites or over their confidentiality practices. As a result, any personal information that you provide through these sites is subject to their privacy protection policies. It is therefore your responsibility to read these policies to ensure that your personal information is protected.

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