When you are admitted, we will collect some information to put in your record.

All of the following information is required: name, date of birth, address with postal code and phone number, emergency contact and phone number.


When you arrive at the MHI and during your hospital stay, you must fill out and sign a number of forms such as:

  • Admissions form (AH-101)
  • General consent to treatment and care form
  • Room selection form

Personal effects

The MHI is not responsible for any lost objects. Any valuable objects (money, jewellery, electronic devices, etc.) can be stored in our safe if necessary. At all times, you can get information from a member of the nursing staff or from the Security Desk (extension 4545). Any objects or money that you keep with you during your stay are your responsibility. No claim for cash amounts will be accepted for any reason whatsoever. We advise you to send money home with a family member.