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Genetic testing


This test involves taking a blood sample from which DNA was isolated to analyze indicated genes.

When hereditary cardiovascular disease is suspected , genetic analysis may be useful for you and your doctor to  :

  1. confirm a suspected diagnosis ;
  2. lead to the understanding of how the condition has occurred and how it can be transmitted within a family;
  3. allow you and your caregivers to be raises awareness against the recommendations , symptoms , assessments, interventions and monitoring of this condition;
  4. allow the medical team to implement appropriate care and treatment ;
  5. facilitate genetic analysis and / or take appropriate care with your related ;
  6. provide relevant information in relation to family planning for the offspring.
  • Prior genetic counseling to understand the goals, pros and cons and limitations of this analysis;
  • You do not need to be fasting for sampling.

Genetic analysis and interpretation are complex and may take several months to complete. You will be contacted as soon as the result is ready.

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