Advanced heart failure and heart transplantation

Description of the fellow 

The Department of Medicine offers a 12- to 24-month fellowship in advanced heart failure and heart transplantation. The fellowship is adapted to meet the candidate's specific career goals, and participation in the department's research activities is highly encouraged. The heart failure and heart transplant program at the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) is one of busiest of its kind in Canada, with over 500 patients actively followed at the heart failure clinic, over 230 patients at the heart transplant clinic, and approximately 20 transplants conducted annually. Program staff are also experts in the evaluation and follow-up of patients who require the implantation of a temporary circulatory assist device and a comprehensive program or long-term ventricular assistance either as a bridge towards transplantation or as a permanent solution (“Destination Therapy”). The MHI also has enviable expertise in cardiac resynchronization. The program is staffed by an interdisciplinary team of cardiologists, heart surgeons, psychiatrists, specialized nurse clinicians, pharmacists, perfusionists, social workers and physiotherapists. Each fellow actively participates in the program's many clinical activities by serving as the first responder for floor consults and conducting out-patient follow-up for heart failure patients both pre-and post-transplantation as well as for patients with ventricular assist devices. The program allows each fellow to develop clinical and research skills in advanced heart failure and heart transplantation in a stimulating academic environment that is internationally recognized.


During the fellowship, you will be conducting clinical exams and procedures on patients, which means you will have to obtain privileges as a fellow.

To obtain these privileges, you must meet the following conditions:

• Have a grant from a recognized agency, as positions are reserved solely for grant holders. This grant must be a minimum of C$40,000 per year. To obtain funding, candidates should apply for grants from recognized agencies. Different departments at the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) offer scholarships; however, these scholarships are limited and awarded on a competitive basis.
• Have very good knowledge of French. The MHI is a Francophone hospital and all clinical activities are conducted in French. The patients are Francophone, progress notes are written in French, and all meetings are held in French.
• Pay the tuition fees charged by Université de Montréal.
• Hold a specialist's certificate that allows you to practise medicine in your country.
• Have a letter of recommendation from the dean of the faculty of medicine where you are taking or where you finished your specialty as well as a letter of recommendation from the dean of the faculty of medicine at Université de Montréal.

It is highly recommended that you submit your application at least 18 months in advance, as the process to become a fellow is quite long.

For more information about this process, please consult the Université de Montréal website.