Exams and Treatments



Lung function test (basic assessment)


Assess different lung structures to help doctors make a diagnosis.


45 minutes to 1 hour.



On the morning of the exam, DO NOT take any of the following metered dose inhalers (pumps): Ventolin®, Spiriva®, Advair®, Oxeze®, Atrovent®, Serevent®, Bricanyl®.


This test is conducted in the respiratory physiology laboratory by a respiratory therapist. First, patients are weighed and measured. A lung function test is then performed while patients are in a seated position with their noses pinched shut. Patients then have to breathe into a device while following the respiratory therapist's instructions. This device records the volume and flow of air that enters and leaves the lungs. Depending on the medical prescription, the respiratory therapist may administer Ventolin® to measure the patient's response to this medication.


Follow-up and side effects 

The results of the respiratory function test are analyzed by a respirologist. The diagnosis is then sent to the doctor who requested the exam.


Ventolin® administration can occasionally lead to the following side effects in some patients: tremor, headache and slight increase in heart rate. 

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