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Event ECG recording


Event ECG recording is a non-invasive exam (i.e., it does not require opening the patient) in which a portable ECG recorder is used to record the electricity activity of the heart while a patient experiences symptoms (palpitations, breathlessness, dizziness, fainting).


2 weeks (as required)


The patient receives a portable ECG recorder at a visit to the ambulatory clinic. For this visit, the patient must:

  • Bring a full and updated list of medications
  • Avoid applying body lotion before the exam 
  • important information on the use of the device will be given to you during this visit. It would be preferable to come with company if you fear of not being able to retain all the information transmitted.

During the appointment, a technologist will give instructions for the next two weeks.

The technologist will also perform a test to ensure that the patient clearly understands the instructions and knows how the device works.

The patient must bring the device back on the date indicated by the technologist.

The device must not get wet (in the pool, bath or shower), and patients must continue with their normal daily activities. 

Follow-up and side effects 

A cardiologist analyzes the events recorded over the two-week period and then sends the results to the requesting physician. 

Medical Electrophysiology Service (MES)