Stress and heart diseases

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Heart diseases such as angina and infarction are associated to certain known risk factors:  tobacco, cholesterol, high blood pressure, abdominal obesity and diabetes.  These factors are relatively easy to measure, even if their control often remains difficult. 

There is however another major risk factor that is often forgotten and neglected:  stress.  We believe that stress is a modern-day invention and that it is inevitable.  This is not true.  Health problems occur when stress reaction becomes chronic and continuous.  However, we now know all sorts of ways to counter the negative impact of stress.  For example, we can train the body through sports, or train the spirit with the regular practice of meditation and yoga.  We can also develop better attitudes, such as reducing hostility, being more grateful and maintaining healthier relationships.  Change is possible, help is available and the means are known.  Knowing about it is not enough; we still need to change and that requires time and effort.  Our lives are at stake.

Countering the effects of stress:   it’s possible!

With the cooperation of Dr. Robert Béliveau

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