What is the best exercise for the heart?

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In fact, it is not so much the type of exercise, but rather HOW you do it. Thus, in order to maximize gains in your cardiovascular capacity, opt for interval training because it is more efficient than continuous training to improve your health. So, during your next bike ride or walk, do small sprints of 30 seconds followed by rests of 30 seconds; repeat this series for 8 minutes. Take a 2 to 3-minute break, then, end your session by completing a second block identical to the first.

Interval training is more efficient,
easier and improves your health. 

During your peaks, make sure you feel slightly winded while still being able to chat briefly with your partner. Alternate days of interval training with days of continuous training for better results. In fact, 15 minutes of physical activity a day, most days of the week (3 to 5 times, provided it can be sustained long term), can help extend your life expectancy by 3 years! In addition to providing considerable benefits to your health, interval training will seem easier and more pleasant than continuous training.

With the cooperation of Valérie Guilbeault, kinesiologist

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