Our present



Values and vision

The Montreal Heart Institute operates with a values system that it is proud to share with all staff members. 

These values are reflected in the exceptional quality of care provided within its walls.

The values of the Montreal Heart Institute are based on:

  • respect and the quality of life of patients and their families
  • recognition of human resources
  • excellence and innovation
  • protection of public health
  • active participation in the community
  • sharing of expertise to support the health network
  • sound management
  • patients' informed consent
  • responsible and transparent ethics

The vision of the Montreal Heart Institute:

The MHI has a very clear vision of the orientation of its priorities for its present and future operations. Decentralized management based on shared responsibilities allows for a degree of flexibility and efficiency that is rare in health care. This vision reflects the thinking process behind the MHI's missions and has been created by the Executive Committee, which oversees the management of organizational priorities and strategies.

The goal of the Montreal Heart Institute is to:

  • pursue its tradition of innovation
  • attain new heights
  • stay on the cutting-edge as a national and international centre of excellence in cardiology
  • substantially contribute to improving patient care and public health

In addition to its overall vision, the MHI has defined a vision for each of its primary missions.